The Magic Disney?s Hollywood Studios Flaunt

Just imagining how the cartoon characters are made into life can really amaze you, how much more if you shall learn the ways on how they are created? It would be an unmatched experience if you visit the wonders Disney Animation displays located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park. A twenty- minute presentation shall show it all to you.

Attest to those never before seen behind the scene methods and come to cling with your favorite animated Disney characters which for a long time have been virtually made to come alive in animated movies for you to feel satisfaction, entertainment and fun.

Celebrated characters, Aladdin, The Lion King, the casts of Beauty and the Beast and Mushu of Mulan are just few of the many attractions you shall come across with at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park.

Complementing the allures are the Walt Disney World artists who shall demonstrate the actual process of animation in a very child- friendly approach commingled with glee.

The demonstration coupled with life-size characters creates a valuable and fancied nature to feature their artistry. And here’s another advantage you shall get, you shall be able to ask for your queries which shall be answered personally by the creators and artists of Walt Disney. Ensuing to that delight is an unforgettable stroll where you can take pictures with the erstwhile galleries of Walt Disney featuring Cartoons.

On your stroll, the guide shall show you a short exposition concerning animation where you will then be joining an immense number of different courses that shall generate the basic conceptions and heroes of Disney; presenting the produce which we all have liked to watch in animated movies. The skills which every artist owns shall really amaze and impress your senses as they show you how the method works and how consistent they are in their performances.

Fondling pleasure and fun from the various courses Disney Attraction imposes, you shall realize you have the skills you have not imagined you have owned since. Queries are always set for information, and if you got one or few, or even bunch of it, just go to disneyworld. disney. go. com for inquiries.

To top your enthusiasm about cartoons along with your desire in divulging your favourite characters into living entities on screen, get the chance and give a drop-by at The Magic in Disney Animation in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Pleasure and amazement shall then swathe you with those talents behind the animations plus the ultimate effects employed to it; such a wonderful sight to animation lovers.

Also, the vacation won’t be complete if you got nothing to stay in with all convenience and entertainment combined. gives you special and affordable rental rates for your unforgettable and relaxing lodging. For inquiries, you can click here.

Alhsmar Sayago is a writer who has extensive experience and knowledge of the Orlando Vacation Rentals market through Discount Vacation Rentals Online in Orlando Florida.

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Top 10 Disney Movies

Over the years, Disney has produced some of the most memorable movies. They have taught us about finding the truth inside of our hearts, and given us the strength to make it through the hard times. With characters cut from real life, we’ll take a moment to look at the top 10 Disney movies.

# 10 Robin Hood

Disney sported a fox for the title character and brought the timeless classic to the big screen. It gave young viewers the chance to see that sometimes doing the right thing might seem like it is wrong to others, and gave us brave heroics.

# 9 Cinderella

Everyone has a dream that is set to come true, and that is what this tale is about. Even in the darkest moments of our lives, there is the chance to find our fairytale ending. More importantly, we learn about friendship and trusting those in our lives.

# 8 Aladdin

This movie took us on a magic carpet ride that taught us about friendship and faith, while giving us a good chuckle thanks to Robin Williams.

With some of the best hand drawn animation that Disney every put out, this is one of the most memorable movies of all time.

# 7 Bambi

Heartbreaking and real, the film was about growing up and finding out that even in our darkest hours we can find the truth. This is one of the few times that a movie has touched many people in dramatic ways, and was brilliantly done with strong vocal actors.

# 6 Mulan

Taking away from the traditional Disney princess heroes, Mulan showed a new and exciting side to the Disney Legacy. This classic tale delivered a number of emotional blows while holding a solid story and delivering a beautiful soundtrack that many will always remember.

# 5 The Little Mermaid

Growing up different can be hard for some people. But for Ariel, it just seemed part of her life. With an award winning soundtrack and a mesmerizing storyline, this animated tale quickly became one of the best films from Disney. This was the one time that Disney truly shined with the different is beautiful concept.

# 4 Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

This classic was the groundbreaking film for Disney. Brilliantly written and drawn, children today still love the tale of Snow White and the 7 new friends she made in the middle of the woods. In fact, the Wicked Queen is among the best villains of all time as well. This is truly a timeless classic.

# 3 Lady and the Tramp

A beautiful tale about love that isn’t quite a fairy tale and it is done brilliantly. Here, we have two lovers who are from different walks of life. The Lady falls in love with the homeless Tramp and they both find a change inside of their hearts. Well voiced and it has a tale that will still bring most people to tears. This is a phenomenal classic that shouldn’t be missed.

# 2 The Lion King

From Elton John’s award winning soundtrack to detailed scenery this coming of age story has captured the hearts of millions. In this tale we learn about the inner truth and strength in ourselves and have the ability to push forward, even in the darkest of times. It was also the first Disney movie to get a sequel, and rightfully so. This is among the best that Disney has ever offered the viewing public.

#1 Beauty and the Beast

The ultimate love story was one that had people stop dead in their tracks. Not only did this movie offer brilliant vocal talents and an award winning song that broke the hearts of millions, but it also gave us the hope that in all of us there is something special, and no matter what our shell looks like, there will be someone out there that will see the inner beauty in us, and fall in love with that person. Because as Gaston proved, beauty is only skin deep.

Each of these movies will hold a place in our hearts for years to come. These are timeless classics that even today seem modern and relevant in our culture and society as well.

Wadzanai Nenzou Is A Writer And Owner Of Inspirational Quotes Change Lives Website. She Grew Up Watching A Lot Of Disney Movies And Absolutely Loves Them. For More On Disney Movies Go To Her Website

Kids Games Online Disney

365 Kids Games 365 Surefire Construction to Protect The Kids Entertained Every Day Of the Period.
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I was totally shocked to mature out that kids in the US pay on cipher many than 5 hours a day watching telecasting! The primary grounds when parents are asked why they portion this, is that they don’t undergo how added to entertain and make the children drudging.

No speculate Attending Inadequacy Condition and Low Hooligan Strengthen stats are alarmingly postgraduate and increasing regular in children. Enough is sufficiency!!!!!

Kids get uninterested real quickly and especially during holidays most parents large letdown is how to have the kids toiling and out of disoblige.

The dispute is to change diverse activities that leave enkindle their minds and cater them take whilst relieve providing the most fun likely.

My content with this assemblage is to give a flourishing and fun alternative to television, psp, business arcades, movies and other mindless activities. My motivation to compile this book was calved out of my own interference of a daily struggle with “demanding” and tired kids.
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Introducing…..365 Kids Games! You don’t somebody to try and believe of distance to contemplate the kids…… you can just strip a courageous and move playacting in minutes.

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Well, just now we are relieve in the industry testing stage. Depending on how income go, we may or may not maintain this primary discounted valuate.

But if you rule 365 Kids Games now, I insure that it’ll be yours risk-free for exclusive $ 19.95, an fabulous 50% off the retail value. And to top it off there is a remove payment….

If you were to do one of the games every day for a gathering, it would proceed out to less than 6 cents per day! (Recall, that’s exclusive for the 365 games that are distinct. It’s not reckoning the extra games you’ll be creating from the ideas and tips I let. You’re true cost could be straight fewer!)

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Disney Sing Along Songs ? Who Remembers Disney Sing Along Songs VHS?

Constantly desired to take a journey down memory lane? When I was younger I remember having this large collection of VHS’s called Disney Sing Along Songs . Awe the times when having a VCR was necessary. I remember the Intro most of all. It started with the vintage Walt Disney home video intro.

Next thing I would associate with is several owls and a nice up beat type of cadence. “Is everybody ready to sing along with Disney Songs?” How iconic this is to me presently. Professor Owl! That was his name. I know the beginning Disney Sing Along Songs video had almost 10 songs on it. Sing along songs from Mary Poppins, Pinocchio, Snow White, Lady and the Tramp and some more. Who remembers “Whistle While you Work” from Snow White?

If I recall right my favorite edition was the 13th aptly named “Circle of Life”, it came out in 1994 just around the time Lion King had made a name for itself.

I know everyone remembers “the circle of life, and “he lives in you”. This movie was Epic. There were also songs from extra movies like “the Little Mermaid”

I did a little examination and I found out that they still are designing these Disney Sing Along Songs movies. I do believe the last one they distributed was in 2005 sad so say I don’t know what songs are on this but I can almost guarantee that some kids of today can advise me. Sometime these videos were re-issued and Disney separate some of the songs out and replaced them with new ones. This upsets me because these movies are what I grew up on but what can ya do about it?
To the best of my awareness I’ve attempted to educate you on something that used to mean a lot to me. If you get a chance go and check them out

Disney Sings Along Songs

Are you a Google Sniper master?

The End Of Playhouse Disney Clay

Article by Rian Avanau

The End Of Playhouse Disney Clay – Entertainment

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Children who enjoy the early morning programs on the Disney channel have recently discovered that an old friend has disappeared. Playhouse Disney Clay was recently replaced by Ooh and Aah, a pair of monkey puppets. Many young fans were sorely disappointed by this change and miss Playhouse Disney Clay terribly. However, with time they are sure to grow to love the new hosts as much as they did the old.

Clay was a cute little yellow ball of energy and fun that entertained children during breaks and introduced new shows. He would changed his shape constantly and sing cute little songs, delighting young children and holding their interest until the next show began. Playhouse Disney Clay also had a sidekick named Page who was a piece of paper. She helped to reinforce early reading by teaching children a word of the day. This pair was a huge hit with young viewers.

Disney has removed Playhouse Disney Clay from their website as well. Originally this character had popular games that children enjoyed playing on the Disney Channel’s website and they, too have been removed. Kids can no longer dress Clay up or change his shapes online. This, too, has caused an uproar with the preschool set. While only the Disney decision makers can bring Clay back, parents can always talk up the new characters and try and boost their children’s interest in learning about the new hosts.

In the case of Playhouse Disney Clay, all good things must come to an end. Though the kids will miss him, there are plenty of other exciting learning opportunities on the Disney Channel for them to enjoy. If your child was a fan of Playhouse Disney Clay, just talk to them about the show ending and use it as a learning tool to expose them to the reality that nothing lasts forever.

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Rian Avanau has a love of all things disney, and maintains a website dedicated to disney games and the disney channel at

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Rian Avanau

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Hidden Mickey Disney Pins

In 2002, the WDW Cast Lanyard Collection, now most widely known for its incorporation of Hidden Mickey Pins, was introduced as a collection of trading pins consisting of various Disney themed characters, attractions, and other icons. This set originally consisted of approximately one hundred pins and encouraged the collecting of and trading of pins throughout the Disney community. Disney then decided to release a new set of pins each year, which were showcased as a sneak preview at the September Event, and eventually officially released a couple of weeks later.

After two years and two complete sets of Lanyard pins, the designers began to place Mickey Mouse’s silhouettes on the pins, starting with the third set in the Lanyard series. These Hidden Mickey Pins became very popular with guests and boosted the popularity of the series. Many collectors became obsessed with collecting and finding all of the Mickeys that were hidden in each set, which are indicated by a small, silhouette like Mickey Mouse shape.

As Mickey Mouse’s head shape had already been incorporated into many Disney theme parks and movies for years and had been a growing fad with fans, the addition of Hidden Mickeys into their trading pins was a smooth transition.

By 2007, the Hidden Mickeys had become so synonymous with the series, that the Lanyard Collection was officially renamed the Hidden Mickey Collection. Since its inception, the Hidden Mickey Collection has annually released a set of new pins consisting of approximately 75 trading pins each. The trading of the pins has even reached a point that the new designs often reach the secondary market before they are even officially released.

As the popularity of these pins has grown, fans have looked to collect as many pins as they can from not only their visits to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, but also through various websites, eBay, and from other collectors. Come and read more information about Hidden Mickey Disney Pins, and about the whole culture of Hidden Mickey Pins.

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